Business Accessibility Test

Is your business welcoming to customers with disabilities? A successful business is one that includes all members of society in its planning, hiring, marketing and delivery of products and services. Please take the accessibility test to find out how you rate. Count up the number of times you answer "Yes."

Customer Service
  • Does your customer service policy make sure that customers with disabilities receive the same service as all your other customers?
  • Are your employees comfortable serving customers with disabilities?
  • Can you provide your services in different ways – do you ask customers how you may help them?

Access To Your Premises For Customers
  • Do your premises have automatic doors and level access to the entrance?
  • Does your parking lot have spaces reserved for people with disabilities?
  • Are your hallways and aisles clutter-free and washrooms accessible?
  • If services are on different floors, do you have an elevator?

Marketing and Product Development
  • Does your advertising represent the whole community without negative stereotypes?
  • Does your marketing strategy reach potential customers with disabilities?
  • Are your new products and services designed to be accessible to all our customers, including those with sensory or mobility disabilities?

Polices, Practices and Planning
  • Do your managers demonstrate a commitment to serving customers with disabilities?
  • When planning new initiatives, do you consider the needs of people with disabilities?

The number of times you answered "Yes" means:
    01 – 06 = Needs work!
    07 – 08 = You’re Trying...
    09 – 10 = Good Work.
    11 – 12 = EXCELLENT!
Source: Ministry of Community and Social Services

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Opening Doors to Dignity

We promote equal access for people with physical disabilities to services, transportation, buildings, businesses, stores, and services.

We advocate that people with physical disabilities should receive the same respect and consideration that able-bodied people receive.

We remove attitudinal and systemic barriers that persons with physical disabilities must handle on a daily basis by educating and talking with able-bodied people.